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What are the reasons that may prevent companies from hiring you ?

What are the reasons 

 ? that may prevent companies from hiring you

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the answer 

Reasons for losing your job opportunity

Do your best to take up the job interview without any tension or fear and successfully end it to get the job position you apply for.

It can be met with rejection by the employer, which is causing controversy today among most candidates and makes them feel confused about losing their job opportunity.

So, to overcome your confusion and know those reasons, we put you, dear reader, the most important of them.

The American editor and publisher Susan p. Joyce, an expert looking for work online as well, wrote in an article with a set of reasons why you might not get your chance to work.

It should be noted that it has established reasons that are taken for granted and which the candidate cannot control.

There were also other reasons that the candidate could completely control, and thus he could avoid by finding appropriate solutions.

1. Uncontrollable causes:

Select an employee with previous experience working with the company
The company to which another person has applied may choose a job that he previously worked for, and appoint him to your position who has conducted a job interview to obtain it, arguing that this person has worked in the company in advance and possesses skills and experience that make the employer comfortable in the course of work.

Choose an employee supported by relationships and knowledge with the company's employees

The presence of another candidate other than you owns social relationships, friends and close colleagues at work more than you who will inevitably support him in his work and enable him to obtain the opportunity to work in other locations in the company, to be chosen at that time by the employer as a result of the previous justifications and on the pretext that he possesses broader experience and skills than you possess .

A reason related to how influencing your character is

The charisma you possess was not attractive and interesting as it should be. Charisma is one of the most powerful factors that helps you convince the employer of what you have and perhaps your success in the job interview, and it is the result that determines whether you are accepted to work or rejected.
Reason related to the company's budget

A certain emergency has affected the material budget in the company and its ability to finance the position that you want to occupy, and this may happen because the company lost a deal or the percentage of its profits in the markets decreased.
Reason related to the restructuring of the company

Perhaps organizational problems end your opportunity to work, which is to mean the reorganization of responsibilities and tasks in the organization and the redistribution of roles between employees where your position that you wanted to occupy may be transferred to another employee or that one of the employees occupies two places in the work as a result of the items that we mentioned together.
All of the above occurs as a result of an emergency that restructures the organization or institution.
2. The controllable causes:

Your social network connections
It is possible that you forget or lazy about it, and this will not benefit you at all since the presence of one person supporting you inside your workplace represents the boundary between your appointment or rejection.
In many cases, employees have their own reasons for helping you; this is what motivates them to do so, especially when there is an employee referral program (a situation in which an employee is rewarded for choosing another new candidate for the job with appropriate qualifications).
Not ready for the interview in advance

It is self-evident that all the necessary preparations are made to meet your work, and one of the most indications that you are not preparing for a job interview is your late arrival and the wearing of clothes that are not appropriate for the job interview at all.
Not showing your interest in the job position
Also, the employer did not notice that you are really interested in the job position, as a result of your neglect to show your real interest in the work that you want to occupy, you did not show the employer that you know a lot about the company and did not ask questions related to the work and show your interest in it clearly.
Your constant and continuous expectation that you will fail in the interview
As it negatively affects your behavior and words and loses your confidence in front of the employer, most job seekers follow these delusions and hearsay, especially if they have few opportunities to find a suitable job after they have been unemployed for a period of time.
Inefficiency of your references

Attached to your CV does not support you enough, as references are the last step in the recruitment process that can eliminate your opportunity to fill the position and may be your opportunity to obtain a job offer.

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